Humble Beginnings

Our story began in 2004 with two friends at a kitchen table surrounded by camping chairs, two cats, and a dog. Since those early start-up days, turnerboone has grown into one of Atlanta’s largest and most trusted commercial furniture dealerships.

Ellen Turner and Laura Boone started turnerboone because they wanted to work for a company that embodied what they valued most: integrity, accountability, friendship, trust, passion, and commitment. Beyond these shared qualities, these two could not be more different, and anyone who knows them can attest to that. Those differences come together to make a “whole” and that philosophy of valuing diversity is still paramount today. From the beginning of their partnership, they were committed to creating a new type of business. They forged a strategic plan that dared to merge personal and business growth, profits and integrity, and a competitive culture rooted in consciousness.

Ellen and I are relationship-driven at heart.  Doing business with integrity means showing clients and employees your values through your actions. Consistently doing the right thing leads to trust, which leads to success. At the end of the day, in business and in life, the priority is always people.”

—Laura Boone, Principal

How hard can this be?

Very hard.

It’s no accident that our founders put their names on the door. They knew that the culture they envisioned had to start with them. Creating a warm, relationship-driven client experience is impossible if you don't have the right leadership and team to deliver it.

Knowing they couldn’t build this type of organization without building an emotionally intelligent environment first, they decided to lead by example. Like any functional “marriage,” Ellen and Laura became a mirror for each other and put in a lot of tough, personal work. This strategy resulted in a company culture based upon open and direct communication, people over profits, and healthy conflict resolution, all emanating from the top down.

Finding our Tribe

How do we attract the best talent in the industry?

If you find people with passion and the right skills, and give them the right leadership, they embrace the company like it is their own business. We are constantly trying to innovate and be better because the industry is changing, technology is changing, furniture is changing, workplaces are changing. We’ve found entrepreneurial people to climb that mountain with us, to adopt our dream and have just as much heart and passion as we do.”

—Ellen Turner, Principal

Leading with Compassion

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

There was a time Laura and Ellen couldn’t afford the furniture they sold. In the early days of the company, competitors mocked them to clients, calling them “just two girls and a car.” But this only fueled their drive and desire to succeed. In 2010, turnerboone partnered with Haworth, one of the five top commercial furniture manufacturers in the world. This relationship helped catapult our small company to levels Laura and Ellen only dreamed of.

One Haworth Center, partners since 2010

Two Girls and a Car, 2005

Our First Showroom, 2008

King Plow Showroom, 2017

Who cares?
We do.

As we have grown exponentially, it has been a challenge to keep the boutique, one-on-one service we are known for and that our clients appreciate. The secret to our success is our never-ending pursuit of an exemplary client experience. We have a 1:7 sales to service ratio, inverting the typical dealership model. In other words, it’s more important that our customers interact with associates who are there to support the success of their project, not someone focused on finding and closing the next deal. Our clients expect answers and attention from trained professionals who are experts at the task at hand, not a salesperson with a silver tongue.

We are the only Best In Class dealership in the state of Georgia
Recognized for outstanding performance—financially and in our community
Voted two years in a row
by our employees
Ranked by sales volume, recognized since 2013
Certified since 2004 — the most widely recognized certification for women owned businesses in U.S.
turnerboone and tbi services are both 100% woman owned and operated